Yes, my code worked…! Now, Arduino, the current can talk with my SQL database…! this is my SQL data. The first one is just a mystery…the second one is from purely processing for checking. And the third one is from Arduino code like

int sensorValue = 4;

void setup(){

void loop(){

if (Serial.available() > 0) {


void establishContact() {
while (Serial.available() <= 0) {
Serial.println(“hello”); // send a starting message

Screen Shot 2013-12-07 at 6.19.33 PM

And then, Processing got the number like below.

Screen Shot 2013-12-07 at 6.19.17 PMNote here is just serial communication does not happen when we want. Yet, once it starts, it’s pretty much stable…we just need to keep running the data in Processing. I don’t know why…it’s from Processing library…

Now, will move on to presentation…, oops, for animation, I think.

Here is my Processing sketch

import processing.serial.*;
Serial myPort;

//call class as array
TableGrid[] tableGrids;

//varieable for serial
boolean firstContact = false;

// variables for unit ID, Grid ID, unit orientaion(may change to float), csv colums for grid number, units’ orientation
int rowCount;

int[] unitID = new int[4];
int[] unitOR = new int[4];
int save1=0;
int save2=0;
int save3=0;
int save4=0;
int counter_button=0;

int[] grids_csv = new int[4];
int[] ori_csv = new int[4];

Table table;

void setup() {
String portName = Serial.list()[12];
myPort = new Serial(this, portName, 9600);
for (int i=0; i< unitID.length; i++) {
unitID[i] = 0;
for (int i=0; i< unitOR.length; i++) {
unitOR[i] = 0;

for (int i=0; i<grids_csv.length; i++) {
for (int j=1; j<ori_csv.length; j++) {
grids_csv[i] = 1;
ori_csv[j] = 1;
rowCount = 0;
table = new Table();
table.addColumn(“g” + grids_csv[i] + “_ID”);
table.addColumn(“g” + ori_csv[j] + “_OR”);

table = loadTable(“”, “header,csv”);
rowCount = table.getRowCount();
tableGrids = new TableGrid[rowCount];

int counter = 0;
for (TableRow row : table.rows()) {
tableGrids[counter] = new TableGrid();
tableGrids[counter].loadComb(row.getInt(“toyID”), row.getInt(“house”), row.getInt(“church”), row.getInt(“office”), row.getInt(“hut”), row.getInt(“g1_ID”), row.getInt(“g2_ID”), row.getInt(“g3_ID”), row.getInt(“g4_ID”), row.getInt(“g1_OR”), row.getInt(“g2_OR”), row.getInt(“g3_OR”), row.getInt(“g4_OR”));


void draw() {
void serialEvent(Serial myPort) {
print(“bye “);
String myString = myPort.readStringUntil(‘\n’);

if (myString != null) {
myString = trim(myString);

if (firstContact == false) {
if (myString.equals(“hello”)) {
firstContact = true;

else {
int sensors[] = int(split(myString, ‘,’));

for (int sensorNum =0; sensorNum< sensors.length; sensorNum++) {
print(“Sensor ” + sensorNum + “:” + sensors[sensorNum] + “\t”);
save1= sensors[0];
save2= sensors[1];
save3= sensors[2];
save4= sensors[3];
unitID[0]= sensors[4];
unitID[1]= sensors[5];
unitID[2]= sensors[6];
unitID[3]= sensors[7];
unitOR[0]= sensors[8];
unitOR[1]= sensors[9];
unitOR[2]= sensors[10];
unitOR[3]= sensors[11];

print(” “);
print(” “);
print(” “);
print(” “);
print(” “);
print(” “);
print(” “);
print(” “);
print(” “);
print(” “);
print(” “);
println(” “);
// print(sensors[5]);
// print(” “);
// print(sensors[0]);
// print(” “);
// print(sensors[1]);
// println(” “);
// print(sensors[2]);
// println(” “);
// print(sensors[3]);
// println(” “);
// print(sensors[4]);
// println(” “);


//avoid having constantly the value ‘1’
if ((save1==1)||(save2==1)||(save3==1)||(save4==1)) {
else {

if (counter_button==1) {

// findPastComb1();
// findPastComb2();



//———–finding the same past combination around the world
void findPastComb1() {
for (TableRow row : table.rows()) {
if ((row.getInt(“house”)== save1)&&(row.getInt(“church”)== save2)&&(row.getInt(“office”)== save3)&&(row.getInt(“hut”)== save4)&&(row.getInt(“g1_ID”)== unitID[0])&&(row.getInt(“g2_ID”)==unitID[1])&&(row.getInt(“g3_ID”)==unitID[2])&&(row.getInt(“g4_ID”)==unitID[3])&&(row.getInt(“g1_OR”)==unitOR[0])&&(row.getInt(“g2_OR”)==unitOR[1])&&(row.getInt(“g3_OR”)==unitOR[2])&&(row.getInt(“g4_OR”)==unitOR[3])) {
else {

//———–finding the same combination from the same toy
void findPastComb2() {
for (TableRow row : table.rows()) {
if ((row.getInt(“house”)== save1)&&(row.getInt(“church”)== save2)&&(row.getInt(“office”)== save3)&&(row.getInt(“hut”)== save4)&&(row.getInt(“toyID”)==1)&&(row.getInt(“g1_ID”)== unitID[0])&&(row.getInt(“g2_ID”)==unitID[1])&&(row.getInt(“g3_ID”)==unitID[2])&&(row.getInt(“g4_ID”)==unitID[3])&&(row.getInt(“g1_OR”)==unitOR[0])&&(row.getInt(“g2_OR”)==unitOR[1])&&(row.getInt(“g3_OR”)==unitOR[2])&&(row.getInt(“g4_OR”)==unitOR[3])) {
else {

void saveTable() {
TableRow newRow = table.addRow();
newRow.setInt(“toyID”, 1);
newRow.setInt(“house”, save1);
newRow.setInt(“church”, save2);
newRow.setInt(“office”, save3);
newRow.setInt(“hut”, save4);
newRow.setInt(“g1_ID”, unitID[0]);
newRow.setInt(“g2_ID”, unitID[1]);
newRow.setInt(“g3_ID”, unitID[2]);
newRow.setInt(“g4_ID”, unitID[3]);
newRow.setInt(“g1_OR”, unitOR[0]);
newRow.setInt(“g2_OR”, unitOR[1]);
newRow.setInt(“g3_OR”, unitOR[2]);
newRow.setInt(“g4_OR”, unitOR[3]);

String url = “”;
//saving the object id
url = url + “toyID=” + (1);
url = url + “&house=” + (save1);
url = url + “&church=” + (save2);
url = url + “&office=” + (save3);
url = url + “&hut=” + (save4);
//saving the unique ID on the each grids
url = url + “&g1_ID=” + (unitID[0]);
url = url + “&g2_ID=” + (unitID[1]);
url = url + “&g3_ID=” + (unitID[2]);
url = url + “&g4_ID=” + (unitID[3]);
//saving the orientation
url = url + “&g1_OR=” + (unitOR[0]);
url = url + “&g2_OR=” + (unitOR[1]);
url = url + “&g3_OR=” + (unitOR[2]);
url = url + “&g4_OR=” + (unitOR[3]);

String[] myStuff;
myStuff = loadStrings(url);


class TableGrid {
int toyID;
int house;
int church;
int office;
int hut;
int g1_ID;
int g2_ID;
int g3_ID;
int g4_ID;
int g1_OR;
int g2_OR;
int g3_OR;
int g4_OR;
void loadComb(int _toyID, int _house, int _church, int _office, int _hut, int _g1_ID, int _g2_ID, int _g3_ID, int _g4_ID, int _g1_OR, int _g2_OR, int _g3_OR, int _g4_OR) {

toyID = _toyID;
house = _house;
church = _church;
office = _office;
hut = _hut;
g1_ID = _g1_ID;
g2_ID = _g2_ID;
g3_ID = _g3_ID;
g4_ID = _g4_ID;
g1_OR = _g1_OR;
g2_OR = _g2_OR;
g3_OR = _g3_OR;
g4_OR = _g4_OR;


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