Final for ICM

My final project for ICM is designing system for PCom project

My PhyCom Final Project, Smart Architectural Toy is a collection of architectural units to play around by placing the units on a grid, a board.

I: It is said that the first chess was created by a monk in order to stop starting a war by the king who loved starting a war[1]. Chess was a tool to simulate a real world, and also a tactile tool for ‘thinking’ which have iconic elements on the figures.


II: An artist, also an architect, Guy Debord led Situationist International created a battle game called Game of War. He recreated the rules of the battle and applied spacial elements in the figures.



III: One of the interesting points of chess can be its figure. It changes story of the board, giving cultural interpretation of a story of the game.  Up to our modern times, creators have made a number of different sorts of figures. Once they place skylines of two cities, it starts a dialogue between two cities as well as enjoying the game. If the figures comprise interior features, it starts a spacial argument. It’s ‘s spacial conversation’ of the two players.



VI: My proposal is to create a smart architectural toy which allows to make a conversation between the two players in distance with time gap even by the same player as well as allowing the players to develop spacial language.



V: It will connect the players’ coincidental story behind making ‘a space which contains a number of narration in generating the combinations’.


VI:  The players make conversations for past and future by accidentally make the same combinations as the past. Suddenly, it becomes ‘a key’ to open a memory container of their experiences with the toy, their friends, the places.

The ongoing ICM project will be the system and concept design of this idea.

The CODES(middle of organising them.., sorry for this ugly code) NOTE, the code’saveStrings does not seem working…to pass the values to MySQL…I need a help! It does not seem Processing can do HTTP request?

ArrayList <Rect> rects = new ArrayList<Rect>();
ArrayList <Grid> grids = new ArrayList<Grid>();

TableGrid[] tableGrids;

int totalRects = 20;
int gridNum = 9;
int gridpos = 150;
int[] grids_csv = new int[18];
int[] numGrids = new int[18];
//String[] tileNameG = new String[20];
int rowCount;

int idR;
int idG;

int[] idR_table = new int[9];
int[] pastComb;
String[] tileNameG = {“floor”,”chair”,”table”,”wall”,”window”};
Table table;

void setup() {
size(610, 610);

for (int i=0; i<idR_table.length; i++) {
idR_table[i] = -1;

for (int i=0; i<grids_csv.length; i++) {
grids_csv[i] = 01;
rowCount = 0;
table = new Table();
table.addColumn(“g” + grids_csv[i]);

for (int i=0; i<numGrids.length; i++) {
numGrids[i] = 01;

for (int i=0; i<totalRects/4; i++) {
rects.add(new Rect(i*60+35, height-120, 50, i, 0, tileNameG[0]));

for (int i=totalRects/4; i<totalRects/4*2; i++) {
rects.add(new Rect(i*60+35, height-120, 50, i, 0, tileNameG[1]));

for (int i=totalRects/4*2; i <totalRects/4*3; i++) {
rects.add(new Rect((i -totalRects/2)*60+35, height-60, 50, i, 0, tileNameG[2]));
for (int i=totalRects/4*3; i <totalRects; i++) {
rects.add(new Rect((i -totalRects/2)*60+35, height-60, 50, i, 0, tileNameG[3]));

for (int j=0; j < gridNum/3; j++) {
grids.add(new Grid(j*50+width/2 -50, gridpos, 50, j));
for (int j=gridNum/3; j < gridNum/3*2; j++) {
grids.add(new Grid((j -gridNum/3)*50+width/2 -50, gridpos+50, 50, j));
for (int j=gridNum/3*2; j < gridNum; j++) {
grids.add(new Grid((j -gridNum/3*2)*50+width/2 -50, gridpos+50*2, 50, j));

table = loadTable(“”, “header,csv”);

table = loadTable(“usertest.csv”, “header”);
rowCount = table.getRowCount();
tableGrids = new TableGrid[rowCount];

int counter = 0;
for (TableRow row : table.rows()) {
tableGrids[counter] = new TableGrid();
tableGrids[counter].loadComb(row.getInt(“g01”), row.getInt(“g02”), row.getInt(“g03”), row.getInt(“g04”), row.getInt(“g05”), row.getInt(“g06”), row.getInt(“g07”), row.getInt(“g08”), row.getInt(“g09”));

void draw() {
textAlign(CENTER, CENTER);
text(“press space key to save”, width/2, 40);

for (int i = 0; i< rects.size(); i++) {
Rect r = rects.get(i);
r.idR = i;
for (int j = 0; j< grids.size(); j++) {
Grid g = grids.get(j);
text(g.gridID()+1, g.gx,;
String a = “g” + grids_csv[0];
// println(a);


//—————move tiles—————
void mousePressed() {
for (int i=0; i< rects.size(); i++) {

void mouseDragged() {
for (int i=0; i<rects.size(); i++) {
if (rects.get(i).selected) {

//—————Check the combinations and pass the ID data to keyPressed—————
void checkComb() {
for (int i=0; i<rects.size(); i++) {
for (int j=0; j<grids.size(); j++) {
Rect r = rects.get(i);
Grid g = grids.get(j);

if ((grids.get(0).gx -r.x ==0) && (grids.get(0).gy -r.y ==0)) {
idR_table[0] = i;
if ((grids.get(1).gx -r.x ==0) && (grids.get(1).gy -r.y ==0)) {
idR_table[1] = i;
if ((grids.get(2).gx -r.x ==0) && (grids.get(2).gy -r.y ==0)) {
idR_table[2] = i;
if ((grids.get(3).gx -r.x ==0) && (grids.get(3).gy -r.y ==0)) {
idR_table[3] = i;
if ((grids.get(4).gx -r.x ==0) && (grids.get(4).gy -r.y ==0)) {
idR_table[4] = i;
if ((grids.get(5).gx -r.x ==0) && (grids.get(5).gy -r.y ==0)) {
idR_table[5] = i;
if ((grids.get(6).gx -r.x ==0) && (grids.get(6).gy -r.y ==0)) {
idR_table[6] = i;
if ((grids.get(7).gx -r.x ==0) && (grids.get(7).gy -r.y ==0)) {
idR_table[7] = i;
if ((grids.get(8).gx -r.x ==0) && (grids.get(8).gy -r.y ==0)) {
idR_table[8] = i;


void findPastComb() {

for (TableRow row : table.rows()) {
for (int ii=0; ii<rects.size(); ii++) {
if ((row.getInt(“g01”) == idR_table[0]+1)&&(row.getInt(“g02”) == idR_table[1]+1)&&(row.getInt(“g03”) == idR_table[2]+1)&&(row.getInt(“g04”) == idR_table[3]+1)&&(row.getInt(“g05”) == idR_table[4]+1)&&(row.getInt(“g06”) == idR_table[5]+1)&&(row.getInt(“g07”) == idR_table[6]+1)&&(row.getInt(“g08”) == idR_table[7]+1)&&(row.getInt(“g09”) == idR_table[8]+1)) {

rects.get(ii).c = 255;

//—————save + read the data to CSV sheet—————
void keyPressed() {
if (key == ‘ ‘) {

TableRow newRow = table.addRow();
newRow.setInt(“g01”, idR_table[0]+1);
newRow.setInt(“g02”, idR_table[1]+1);
newRow.setInt(“g03”, idR_table[2]+1);
newRow.setInt(“g04”, idR_table[3]+1);
newRow.setInt(“g05”, idR_table[4]+1);
newRow.setInt(“g06”, idR_table[5]+1);
newRow.setInt(“g07”, idR_table[6]+1);
newRow.setInt(“g08”, idR_table[7]+1);
newRow.setInt(“g09”, idR_table[8]+1);

saveTable(table, “data/usertest.csv”);

String url = “”;
url = url + “g01=” + (idR_table[0]+1);
url = url + “&g02=” + (idR_table[1]+1);
url = url + “&g03=” + (idR_table[2]+1);
url = url + “&g04=” + (idR_table[3]+1);
url = url + “&g05=” + (idR_table[4]+1);
url = url + “&g06=” + (idR_table[5]+1);
url = url + “&g07=” + (idR_table[6]+1);
url = url + “&g08=” + (idR_table[7]+1);
url = url + “&g09=” + (idR_table[8]+1);

String[] stuff = split(url, ‘ ‘);
saveStrings(url, stuff);



if (key == ‘s’) {
for (int i=0; i<rects.size(); i++) {
rects.get(i).c = 0;

for (int i=0; i<rects.size(); i++) {
Rect r = rects.get(i);

if (r.selected == true) {
if (key == ‘a’) {
r.angle = r.angle +PI/2;
r.c = +50;
// if(
println(r.angle +PI/2);


//—————returning all the data to the initial value—————
void keyReleased() {
if (key ==’ ‘) {
for (int i=0; i<idR_table.length; i++) {
idR_table[i] = -1;

class Grid {
int gx;
int gy;
int size;
int idG;

boolean onGrid;

Grid(int _gx, int _gy, int _size, int _idG) {
gx = _gx;
gy = _gy;
size = _size;
idG = _idG;
onGrid = false;


void display() {
rect(gx, gy, size, size);

int gridID() {
return idG;

void magnet() {
for (int i=0; i<rects.size(); i++) {
Rect targetRect = rects.get(i);
int tx = targetRect.x;
int ty = targetRect.y;

if ((abs(ty – gy) < 15) && (abs(tx – gx) < 15)) {
targetRect.x = gx;
targetRect.y = gy;

onGrid = true;


class Rect {
int x;
int y;
int size;
int idR;
int c;
float angle =0;
boolean selected;
boolean mouseOver;
String tileName;

Rect(int _x, int _y, int _size, int _idR, int _c, String _tileName) {

x = _x;
y = _y;
size = _size;
idR = _idR;
c = _c;
selected = false;
mouseOver = false;
tileName = _tileName;

void display() {
fill(random(c), random(c), random(c));
translate(x, y);
rect(0, 0, size, size);

text(tileName, 0, 0);



void move() {
x = mouseX ;
y = mouseY ;

void selected() {
if (dist(x, y, mouseX, mouseY) < size/2) {
selected = true;
else {
selected = false;

int rectID() {
return idR;

class TableGrid{
int g01;
int g02;
int g03;
int g04;
int g05;
int g06;
int g07;
int g08;
int g09;

void loadComb(int _g01, int _g02, int _g03, int _g04, int _g05, int _g06, int _g07, int _g08, int _g09){

g01 =_g01;
g02 =_g02;
g03 =_g03;
g04 =_g04;
g05 =_g05;
g06 =_g06;
g07 =_g07;
g08 =_g08;
g09 =_g09;;


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