Patpus swimming with me

The assignment for ICM this week is pixels, images, videos and kinect.


The Code for this:

PImage img;
PImage imgWater;

void setup() {
img = loadImage(“platypus_s.gif”);
imgWater = loadImage(“water_shaped.png”);

for (int i =0; i < img.pixels.length; i++) { float r = red(img.pixels[i]); float g = green(img.pixels[i]); float b = blue(img.pixels[i]); float a = alpha(img.pixels[i]); if (a != 0) { img.pixels[i] = color(r, g, b, 150); } } img.updatePixels(); // Let's draw the raw location PVector v1 = tracker.getPos(); // fill(50,100,250,200); // noStroke(); // ellipse(v1.x,v1.y,20,20); image(img, v1.x -100, v1.y -100); // Let's draw the "lerped" location PVector v2 = tracker.getLerpedPos(); // fill(100,250,50,200); // noStroke(); // ellipse(v2.x,v2.y,20,20); image(img, v2.x -100, v2.y -100); imgWater.loadPixels(); for (int i = 0; i < imgWater.pixels.length; i++) { float r = red(imgWater.pixels[i]); float g = green(imgWater.pixels[i]); float b = blue(imgWater.pixels[i]); float a = alpha(imgWater.pixels[i]); if (a != 0) { imgWater.pixels[i] = color(r, g, b, 80); } } image(imgWater, -300, -100); imgWater.updatePixels();

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    Patpus swimming with me | Saki Hayashi Projects at ITP

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