AT lecture how to navigate webpage

Difficulties to read web page by blind people   speech, photocell, braille, speech in order to: operable, perceivable, understandable, robust…   Hyper text mark up language (they read out the functions) Universal design for webpage ZocDoc Interface for blind, how can we make an interface for blind(can blind understand facebook?): what about the layout? […]

Arduino + Processing + Max/Msp/Jitter

boolean firstContact = false; import processing.serial.*; // import the Processing serial library Serial myPort; // The serial port import oscP5.*; import netP5.*; OscP5 oscP5; NetAddress myRemoteLocation; void setup() { frameRate(25); println(Serial.list()); String portName = Serial.list()[12]; myPort = new Serial(this, portName, 9600); myRemoteLocation = new NetAddress(“”,8000); // read bytes into a buffer until you get a […]

Memos about meeting with Rebecca and Undeen in Met

April 25th, 2014, Steven, Amanda, Eunice and Saki, Noted by Saki Hayashi We appreciate Rebecca, manager of accessibility and manager of Met media Lab they gave us a time to discuss. We did: explained about our relationship between Met intern and us (we are dealing with background research and user interview) proposed our current progress Made sure […]

Circuit Check

I’ve just finished my circuit check perfectly with an external power supply, a transistor. Also, I checked all resistor values and reed switches.   Also checked, 3min pitch for my presentation in Designing Future… 1. DO DEMO FIRST 2. Hit the nail on the head with storytelling. 3. Answer the questions below What is the […]

Pose and Snap at MOMA

Rethinking about why we want to experience rather than looking at a photo online, in the same manner as audio guide. In order to know what makes visiting museum valuable, I visited Pose and Snap session at MOMA(also, my most favourite activity in past 18 years, visiting museums…). what is Pose and Snap from MOMA […]