Review Live Image Processing, class 7

Managing high resolution videos   *somehow it didn’t work…(given patch was fine yet not my file…) I have two questions about this: ‘cc.brocosa.jxs’ and ‘param’. It has been quite hard to understand this section… I can rotate things very easily when I use a video file yet when I grab the screen, it was crushed;; […]

Prototype of the connector

The difficulty in my project is making a connector between the top and the bottom part. I have developed making the connecter by using earphone jack which has vertically four conductive materials in one connector. Like I drew in the past blog, I’ve created flexible connector which can rotate in the four directions. The connector […]

Project Development Studio

The progress of Chatty Chair: By discussing Ben, the resident in ITP, the first trial will use earphone jack for the connector. I can do PCB yet it will be unstable, anyway. The earphone jacks I bought(haven’t been arrived yet) are below(4 pins):     Also, I’ve applied prototyping fund in Poly. Unfortunately, I forgot […]