WIP, Chatty Table

By discussing about technical aspects of my project with a couple of Physical computing instructors, I’ve figured out that my chair idea is doable yet may be interesting to still develop my previous ideas. Now, I’ve changed my project from chair to table as it makes more sense ( can be chair, anyhow). I’m gonna […]

What is ‘Normal’? Constructing Normalcy’ by Lennard J. Davis

This comments are assignment for Developing Assistive Technology. When we use the word normal, what do we actually mean? Lennard J. Davis states ultimately that the word normal is ‘a configuration that arises in a particular historical moment and this concept was conceived in modern times when statistics begun in early modern period. He points […]

reviewing LiveImageProcessing class 3

The quick live video editing The next step is use of jitter Lumakey takes three values: luminosity, tolerance, and fade lum = (ascale * alpha_value) + (rscale * r_value) + (gscale * g_value) + (bscale * b_value). also, another way is ‘Chromakey’   in terms of Chromakay, I set up green background yet it wasn’t perfectly […]

A comment on True cost of oil

I’ve watched Garth Lenz: The true cost of oil. It revealed under construction of mine in Canada, there have been significant loss of valuable culture, beautiful landscapes, nature, and even human lives. The cost of oil does not mean the money yet more precious culture which we cannot buy by money. I’ve known many other examples […]

Research and progress of my project, chatty chairs

Affinity of Chatty Chairs ‘Chatty Chairs’ is Chars talk when the users participate in customising the modules which eventually, connect social networking. The affinities of this are ‘sign of the time’ by Passi & Ripatti, The Primo Play by Solid Labs, Interactive Music Furniture by Tom Clausen, and so on.   Music Making Furniture http://dornob.com/acoustic-decor-modular-interactive-music-making-furniture/#axzz2ssLclSPj   […]

A draft idea for a project for New environmentalism and science and the city

We’ve discussed with Peter to tackle environmental and citizen science project today, following up plan for our final project coming in a few weeks. Our main concern about ‘plastic waste’ what do you know about recycle materials? Is information clear? Is the process clear? It is not clear due to political, and economy reasons.   Our […]

Review 2nd class for Live Image Processing

Following up the first class as well as the last one.   My favourite application of Max is projection mapping. CandyStations is very inspiring. http://www.candystations.com Also, Toni Dove as an artist. http://www.tonidove.com metro: sending a bang according to the time we specify variable ‘$’: pick one specified word from the multiple words   mouse state: change parameters […]

review, Science and the City

Here is my memo for Science and the city The change of perspectives of Science – Modern Science – Open Science (Open Access) – Citizen Science Two examples of Citizen Science projects: – clear Air Coalition – public Lab   Typologies of Citizen Science Contributory(top-down) Collaborative Co-created Self-motivated   Volunteer Computing, Volunteer Thinking, Volunteer Sensing (contributory volunteer […]