Plan for holiday…revision

Such unfortunate I’ve got cold with coughing! The annoying delay of my study has affected my plan for winter holiday… To do list – researching and make a couple of test model for ‘Mnemonic Making’ and make one in winter holiday so that I can test them after holiday. – studying MAX MSP – make […]

Now, preparing for next semester

Here is my to do lists for next semester, in a way, things to do in winter holiday. I’ve registered classes below – Project Development Studio(to push my project further and fix everything for Kick-starter) In the second semester, I will definitely make the toy ready for business and make another furniture(it’s gonna be quite […]


Yes, my code worked…! Now, Arduino, the current can talk with my SQL database…! this is my SQL data. The first one is just a mystery…the second one is from purely processing for checking. And the third one is from Arduino code like int sensorValue = 4; void setup(){ Serial.begin(9600); establishContact(); } void loop(){ if […]

Debugging strategy

Since we do not have a lot time anymore, I decided to make a plan for today. Debugging strategy..! Meg, my partner and I am currently working on programming. Debugging, do logically step by step. One mistake in this time was I rewrote all the code at once…I had sketches yet never check one single […]

WIP pcomp final….!

We have been making the final prototype…WIP   In order to get the better connections, we tried to put legs for the objects yet unfortunately, it didn’t work…we need another solution to this. Still, we’ve done quite a lot job and for this prototype, we cannot go for this. If we can find a manufacturer, […]

pCom final concept revision

Since the pieces to place on the grids haven’t come up nicer…I’ve decided to change the concept again. This is part because then we have had the technical limitation that we can only have four grids, the concept that the players can create their own world does not really work..(also we scale out the units […]