My Comment for Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud

This post is about my comment for Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud. His interpretation of Comics was very interesting for me. He regarded ancient wall paintings, column paintings and so on as comics which illustrate cultural understanding about human environment. He mentions about cognitive science and I’m interested in this area as well. Since I […]

Pillow of the book

This is an assignment for Com lab web. The idea behind of this work is that the colour in Pillow book is very important to read the poem yet senses for colour are different in every culture. Even though the actual colours can be interpreted in RGB, which makes all the colour are numbers, the […]

WIP PCom project, generating sounds by gravity balls + readings for this week

ArrayList <Ball> balls = new ArrayList<Ball>(); float ballsize = 25; float speedChange = 0.01; boolean firstContact = false; float boundary = 300; int counter; import processing.serial.*; // import the Processing serial library Serial myPort; // The serial port   void setup() { size(1000, 700); frameRate(60); println(Serial.list()); String portName = Serial.list()[10]; myPort = new Serial(this, portName, […]

Patpus swimming with me

The assignment for ICM this week is pixels, images, videos and kinect.   The Code for this: PImage img; PImage imgWater; void setup() { img = loadImage(“platypus_s.gif”); imgWater = loadImage(“water_shaped.png”); } img.loadPixels(); for (int i =0; i < img.pixels.length; i++) { float r = red(img.pixels[i]); float g = green(img.pixels[i]); float b = blue(img.pixels[i]); float a […]

ICM assignment 07

At the first, I was trying to link processing sketch to sound in Arduino yet non of my friend recommended me to do it. And then, I somehow try to develop this idea the animation controlled by arduino and creates the sounds in different program. Still sad that I couldn’t manage more complicated version of […]

ICM, assignment 06, exchanging files…

One comment on this: ArrayList is difficult….I’m totally crying with this Press ‘a’ to experience an event Press ‘b’ to add a ball Press mouse Drag the balls Press ‘(space)’ to inverse Press ‘c’ to delete balls…(bugging at the moment..) note: not well scripted…it’s WIP

PhysCom lab_05 Serial Communication

The document from the last session: Making a new musical instrument by using arduino and sensors The lab for serial communication..! The lab for reading the sensors The lab for reading the sensors 2 serial communication receiving processing and reorganizing the data shaking-hand, multiple serial communication serial communication customized