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Comments on Tricia Wang

Speaker: Tricia Wang Ethnography: Self: prescribed self, elastic self: formal and informal Anonymity, choice, impermanence, Identity: empathy…the capacity to recognise emotion that are being experienced by another sentient or dictional being problem: @ppr @ep@;e don’t have technology solution: build technology BIG DATA  /  THICK DATA = to help gain identity   identity….with only vision, what […]

speaker Ken Perlin

The speaker: Ken Perlin Responsive face Studying how humans recognise facial expression kinetic poetry: fascinating that we read a poem that the text are kinetic. randomness that three kinds of paths or words are enough to cheat Fish tales: computer animation by interactive interface save the data and replay  

Readings: Code by Charles Petzold – Code and Infrastructure

Code: hidden language of computer hardware and software is written by Charles Petzold , honored in 1994 with the Windows Pioneer Award, presented by Microsoft® founder Bill Gates and Windows Magazine. He argues that hidden language of hardware and software is primarily developed by Morse code. Since written language is not suitable for conveying message […]

Application Sep 17th, speaker Bret Victor

The speaker today: Bret Victor Topic: interactive data graphics_Explanation, Exploration, and Storytelling how design interactive data 1: the graphic gives the answer of the questions of the first data when it shows the second data (interaction design) 2: it explains by animations 3: tracing social connections to take the data as well as make it easier […]

Application 10th of Sep

The speaker: Carter Emmart Director of Astrovisualization American Museum of Natural History Digital Universe:         The History of Star projection: traditionally two dimentional (polyvision) Rose venter for earth and space: 3D- 3Dm moving perspective The history of 3D cinema: ‘cinerama’, IMAX(flat screen), Omnimax, The first full dome CGI, Rebuilt Hayden Planetarium; first […]

Application 3rd of Sep

The first class of Application was memorable. We were absorbing Red Burns’ legacy by reading her famous speeches. Also, we had a guest speaker, Robert Krulwich, an American radio and television journalist. His website: At the beginning, he told me that ‘when I worked in a broadcast company, my boss told me you have to speak with lower […]