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Final positioning paper for Cloudcommuting

Our conventional transport system utilizes central control system that the operator checks and utilises to control the entire system and Citibike sharing system in NYC is not the exception. Still, there are a couple of serious problems including imbalanced number of bikes in the stations and acceleration of it in the current system. The question […]

Cloudcommuting Class 02

Class notes Data visualisation: Data visualisation to show feedback loop Final project can be very open feedbacks from our presentation use citi data of profiling considering about the size it interesting Types of data visualisation: ring layout scatter plot(correlation type of data) time series area charts stream graph bar graph tree map(layout D3) choropleth lorenz […]

Reading assignment for Cloudcommuting

By reading Me++ I have thought about our intelligent urban system Me++ The cyborg Self And The Networked City by Willian J Michell: The author William states that “in the last couple of decades the convergence of increasingly capable wireless technology with expanding network infrastructure , miniaturised electronics and proliferating digital information had radically refashioned the […]