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Traceroute, the findings

Traceroute project My findings: Even though IP address is different, the physical address is often the same. Different ISP uses the same physical address a couple of possible addresses always show up   This is traceroute from ITP to   This is traceroute from ITP to Surprisingly, my manual findings and ‘visual tracing […]

Understanding Networks Class 02

Analogue circuit, electrical bits of information diversion by switches if the communication is not frequent, packetise the communication/ everything we do almost packetised technology what inside of packet: address, information, size, number of packet In the past, switching happened in physical layer yet we nowadays happen in server clients layers. routers switches hubs physical layer […]

Understanding Network class 01 by Tom Igoe revision

Here is my revision about Network Topologies from Tom Igoe’s class 01     Reference Watts, Duncan J.; Strogatz, Steven H. (June 1998). “Collective dynamics of ‘small-world’ networks”. Nature 393 (6684): William C Graham Groth, David; Toby Skandier (2005). Network+ Study Guide, Fourth Edition’. Sybex, Inc ATIS committee PRQC. “mesh topology”. ATIS Telecom Glossary 2007. Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions Chiang, Mung; Yang, […]