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Reading for Solving Public Solutions

This week, we are gonna learn how crowdsourcing will change our design The introduction: what are the differences between crowdsourced data, opinions, and research from our current data? how we collective intelligence for much wider array of people by using crowdsourcing The readings: Crowdsourcing as a Model for Problem Solving The examples: Threadles, iStockphoto, Inno- […]

Self Study for Solving Public Problems class #2

My problem statement for Solving Public Problem stems from my architectural thoughts that today’s city and architecture lacks public responsibilities to create identity of places. I was wondering to create AR, virtual landscape on top of real city but now which aims to be data of value for architecture yet that is almost data buildings. […]

1st class of Solving Public Problems

We are gonna see a lot people from outside. We learn from peers. This course is wrong: Idea we are going to solve is misnormal. Public problems cannot be solved only tacked. We need more holistic, Open Collaborative Data-driven, experimental, We have the opportunity to co-create governance Institutions seek input from citizens for experts to […]

Preparation for Solving Public Problems with tech

It’s a fantastic opportunity that I’m gonna take Solving Public Problems with Tech led by Beth Simone Noveck, a professor of law at New York Law School. She served in the White House as the first United States Deputy Chief Technology Officer and director of the White House Open Government Initiative (2009-2011). UK Prime Minister David Cameron appointed her […]