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Blogs about process and final works in Physical Computing classes

Debugging strategy

Since we do not have a lot time anymore, I decided to make a plan for today. Debugging strategy..! Meg, my partner and I am currently working on programming. Debugging, do logically step by step. One mistake in this time was I rewrote all the code at once…I had sketches yet never check one single […]

WIP pcomp final….!

We have been making the final prototype…WIP   In order to get the better connections, we tried to put legs for the objects yet unfortunately, it didn’t work…we need another solution to this. Still, we’ve done quite a lot job and for this prototype, we cannot go for this. If we can find a manufacturer, […]

pCom final concept revision

Since the pieces to place on the grids haven’t come up nicer…I’ve decided to change the concept again. This is part because then we have had the technical limitation that we can only have four grids, the concept that the players can create their own world does not really work..(also we scale out the units […]

Playing with ghost players, intelligent architectural toy(revising presentation)

You may come across a magical moment feeling the ghost players, your past, and someone who share the same thoughts You would have experiences you have played with wooden pieces, doll houses, paper dolls, cards, and some assumable pieces with your friends and family.     As well as you develop your special recognitions, story-making, […]

WIP, PCom final project

To solve our problems, we tested better conductivity of the electric current by examining them. It seems cardboard model is not good to make copper connection as it easily gets air in-between. Now, we have tested soldering over copper and also conductive paint which has a bit more resistance than copper. The results came up […]