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Final for New Environmentalism

Since our group project cannot progress with a couple of problems. Instead, I’ve just started a new project. My thesis here is ‘Marketing Or Green Products?’ and project to ask people to comment on ‘Fake Green Products’ to educate people’s thinking to gain a critical point of view for a number of ‘Fake Environmentalism’. By […]

A comment on True cost of oil

I’ve watched Garth Lenz: The true cost of oil. It revealed under construction of mine in Canada, there have been significant loss of valuable culture, beautiful landscapes, nature, and even human lives. The cost of oil does not mean the money yet more precious culture which we cannot buy by money. I’ve known many other examples […]

A draft idea for a project for New environmentalism and science and the city

We’ve discussed with Peter to tackle environmental and citizen science project today, following up plan for our final project coming in a few weeks. Our main concern about ‘plastic waste’ what do you know about recycle materials? Is information clear? Is the process clear? It is not clear due to political, and economy reasons.   Our […]