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Arduino + Processing + Max/Msp/Jitter

boolean firstContact = false; import processing.serial.*; // import the Processing serial library Serial myPort; // The serial port import oscP5.*; import netP5.*; OscP5 oscP5; NetAddress myRemoteLocation; void setup() { frameRate(25); println(Serial.list()); String portName = Serial.list()[12]; myPort = new Serial(this, portName, 9600); myRemoteLocation = new NetAddress(“”,8000); // read bytes into a buffer until you get a […]


By reading the text probably more than twenty times, I am able to make an assumption about one homework…I have to upload to server;; By trying out all the combination, the combination %12 and %6 were the closest I perceived as still image….not sure, to be honest. somehow I enjoyed yet hope the text is […]

review, Live Image Processing…

somehow starting from the last class… and the emboss version came up…funny…that effects are good to use my project, actually.   I tried to put other equations into the Max Patch…very unsuccessful…;;) the meditation somehow didn’t work…     I don’t really know what was wrong with this…;; really give up! and a couple of […]

Review Live Image Processing, class 7

Managing high resolution videos   *somehow it didn’t work…(given patch was fine yet not my file…) I have two questions about this: ‘cc.brocosa.jxs’ and ‘param’. It has been quite hard to understand this section… I can rotate things very easily when I use a video file yet when I grab the screen, it was crushed;; […]

Memos from Live Image Processing

Now, it becomes my favourite artist..Jason Salavon: I thought the concept is similar to Gerhard Richter yet feeling like Mark Rothko who committed suicide by being jealous to pop artists…; TODD WINKLER: Iannis Xenakis(musician and architect): -> When Libeskind was criticised, people did not really talk about music and architecture. Yet, he seems quite […]

Review Live Image Processing class 4 + 5

Here is some more developments from the last time, Live Image Processing class 4(didn’t have a time last time so). map the different textures from class 5 Considering about my final Three ideas: projection mapping on my product developing, a toy video cubism installation interactive animation with sounds The first idea: the last prototype the […]

Revision Live Image Processing

By attending Hackathon, the delayed revision for Live Image Processing has just started. last week’s open GL was great session. and I made it to capsules and changed colours   I changed the proportion of the parameters in ‘drunk’s position and the basic geo.   my face attached  

reviewing LiveImageProcessing class 3

The quick live video editing The next step is use of jitter Lumakey takes three values: luminosity, tolerance, and fade lum = (ascale * alpha_value) + (rscale * r_value) + (gscale * g_value) + (bscale * b_value). also, another way is ‘Chromakey’   in terms of Chromakay, I set up green background yet it wasn’t perfectly […]