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Spring Semester 2014

Thank you very much all who showed me deep understanding and kinds for my situation. I’ve been anxious about my father yet all things considered, I decided to come back to my study with risks. It has been sad for me to delay my plan and study here as I’m study-addiction. This semester will be […]

Plan for holiday…revision

Such unfortunate I’ve got cold with coughing! The annoying delay of my study has affected my plan for winter holiday… To do list – researching and make a couple of test model for ‘Mnemonic Making’ and make one in winter holiday so that I can test them after holiday. – studying MAX MSP – make […]

Now, preparing for next semester

Here is my to do lists for next semester, in a way, things to do in winter holiday. I’ve registered classes below – Project Development Studio(to push my project further and fix everything for Kick-starter) In the second semester, I will definitely make the toy ready for business and make another furniture(it’s gonna be quite […]