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WIP pcomp final….!

We have been making the final prototype…WIP   In order to get the better connections, we tried to put legs for the objects yet unfortunately, it didn’t work…we need another solution to this. Still, we’ve done quite a lot job and for this prototype, we cannot go for this. If we can find a manufacturer, […]

Playing with ghost players, intelligent architectural toy(revising presentation)

You may come across a magical moment feeling the ghost players, your past, and someone who share the same thoughts You would have experiences you have played with wooden pieces, doll houses, paper dolls, cards, and some assumable pieces with your friends and family.     As well as you develop your special recognitions, story-making, […]

Final for ICM

My final project for ICM is designing system for PCom project My PhyCom Final Project, Smart Architectural Toy is a collection of architectural units to play around by placing the units on a grid, a board. I: It is said that the first chess was created by a monk in order to stop starting a war […]


By spending almost whole the day, I was trying to upload and load the data between my processing sketch and Database by using PHP. Still, I could not succeed, sadly. The codes for the PHP are here I will spend a bit more time tomorrow morning to finish up my sketch …;;)  I need to […]

WIP PCom Final Project

Physical Computing Final Project WIP Meg gave me a great idea to solve problems of our circuit. We have a chess board like grids which sends and read the voltage. the units(chess like kits side) have the resistors so that the computer read the different voltage when the player place the different unit and orientation. […]