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Final for ICM

My final project for ICM is designing system for PCom project My PhyCom Final Project, Smart Architectural Toy is a collection of architectural units to play around by placing the units on a grid, a board. I: It is said that the first chess was created by a monk in order to stop starting a war […]


By spending almost whole the day, I was trying to upload and load the data between my processing sketch and Database by using PHP. Still, I could not succeed, sadly. The codes for the PHP are here I will spend a bit more time tomorrow morning to finish up my sketch …;;)  I need to […]

ICM user experience for the final project

My final project is to make a conversation between users with time and distance through ‘smart spacial making toy units’ In order to have a conversation between them with time and distance, all the data has to be saved online and my final project for ICM will be to make the communication system. Since I […]

ICM assignment 07

At the first, I was trying to link processing sketch to sound in Arduino yet non of my friend recommended me to do it. And then, I somehow try to develop this idea the animation controlled by arduino and creates the sounds in different program. Still sad that I couldn’t manage more complicated version of […]

ICM, assignment 06, exchanging files…

One comment on this: ArrayList is difficult….I’m totally crying with this Press ‘a’ to experience an event Press ‘b’ to add a ball Press mouse Drag the balls Press ‘(space)’ to inverse Press ‘c’ to delete balls…(bugging at the moment..) note: not well scripted…it’s WIP

ICM, organization and class

This week, we are learning organization by using functions and classes in processing. My original structure: 1. variables: all of them are universal 2. setup: only screen size 3.  loop(void draw): background, ellipse in for loop, the gravity formula, and the conditions for two kinds of balls 4. mouse pressed: change directions of gravity 5. […]